Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips

I had been looking for these chips off and on for a long time.I hadn’t done a buy from Amazon for, reasons (no good ones).

These are the hottest bulk bag chips that I know of. Paqui also did a Carolina Reaper one chip box (you can find the Paqui one chip challenge all across YouTube with even Shaq jumping in). But this is the bag they sell expecting people to eat them like Doritos.

Lo and behold, Daria and I visit the local store and sitting there on the shelf is a couple Paqui flavors including the Ghost Pepper chip; sadly, not the habanero chip.

So, how are they? If you don’t like spicy food, don’t bother. They will put a serious hurting on you. If, like me, you enjoy fresh habaneros in your eggs and grits, and always look for the hottest possible option on chicken wings, then these might be for you. The flavor is good – salty like Doritos. And I was glad I had a beer (or two) in hand.

Roll the bones, and give them a shot.