Tumbling Along

This picture was Daria and Jim in homestead bliss back in Georgia. That’s Sylvie tolerating a little face-petting. We lived in that house for over fifteen years. When we moved in, we had big plans for the place. Some of those ideas we followed through on, others were set aside as life experiences popped up.

We’re no longer in that house, though we loved the time we spent there. In fact, we’re no longer in any house that’s ours. The last year or so has been a journey of changes that our selves of ten years ago would have looked at askance. Things that just wouldn’t have made any sense to T-minus-ten-years Jim and Daria.

For simplicity, because this has been quite a whirlwind, we’ve come to fitting our changes into buckets: hippification, zenification, and, finally, gypsification. Translated: we’re trying to be more mindful of our impact on the world, be present and at peace with our life experiences, and haul ourselves, as best we can, for as long as we can, to as many places as we can.

But still, in many ways, not much has changed. We have some plans; some we’ll follow through on, others we’ll set aside. In the mean time, while we’re wandering, we’ll do our best to keep people in the loop about what’s going on and where we happen to be.

Of course, life is always best shared first-hand. If we’re nearby, let’s grab coffee, swap stories, laugh, eat, drink, sit in silence, and continue the conversation.