Hola from España!

Buenas! It’s kind of surreal to note that we’re starting a new decade in another country. Looking back on all of our adventures, our travels, and the changes in our lives over the past few years is quite mind-blowing. I’m overflowing with gratitude today as I am updating the blog travel calendar and thinking about all that has happened even since we last posted.
A quick recap of the second half of 2019: 
Our summer in Prague was amazing in so many ways. I wasn’t sorry to be leaving at the time, but with a few months’ distance I find that there’s quite a bit I miss about it. The beauty of the river. The stunning architecture. The outdoors walking lifestyle that put me in the best shape of my life. The amazing food. The  resilience of the people, who have endured so much through their history.
Housesitting for sweet pup Casper in St. Pete, FL in September was a magical two weeks in a stunning home right on the water. We got to spend time with Jim’s family and ease back into U.S. life. 
Fall (my favorite season) in Atlanta was everything I hoped for and more. My wedding officiant career is officially launched, as I was the officiant for three wonderful couples. I also got to work again with a fabulous client from two years ago, planning her second daughter’s wedding. What blessings! We had a lovely time with my mom, culminating in Thanksgiving in Raleigh with Team Reed. Seeing friends, eating our favorite foods, catching up on errands and health appointments – each day was busy and the time just flew by.
Next thing I knew, it was December and we were on a plane to Spain (where the rain falls mainly on the plain…certainly not in Valencia!). It rained the first day we were here, and 6 weeks later, it hasn’t rained since! Three months seemed like it would be a super long time…it’s hard to believe our time here is already half over. 
We have some photos and impressions to share, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this: one of the many examples of street art in this city, and a scene that is a great metaphor for Valencia.
Valencia Street Scene: Opera Singer in a Paella Pan