Catching Our Breath in Savannah

We’ve been in Savannah for three days now, and I’m finally starting to feel rested. I had (still have) lots of grand plans for projects and reading while we’re here, but for now I seem to be doing a whole lot of sleeping. It’s all good. Rest time is very important. It’s when you gather your strength and momentum for the next jumps and turns.
The house we’re staying in is in suburbia, a quick 20 minutes from Savannah proper. We took one brief jaunt into town on Tuesday to survey the scene, and found the most amazing Cuban restaurant, Rancho Alegre. Everything was fantastic: tostones (very important), sangria, black beans, Jim’s roast pork, and best of all, proper tres leches cake (i.e., not contaminated with coconut or any other unnecessary ingredients). Hope we find time to go back there!
The house is super cute, comfortable, and well laid out. Jim is happy because he can use the large kitchen island as a standing desk. Plus there’s an amazing media room with a huge TV and two movie theater-style recliners. Jim connected the xbox and we’ve been chilling out there in the evenings. There’s tons of light, and the homeowners have decorated with bright colors, movie memorabilia (they are both in the movie biz), interesting pictures, and so many books (exploring others’ libraries is turning out to be an unexpected benefit of this housesitting thing!). I suppose that just as animal lovers attract each other, so do book lovers.
The neighborhood is great for walking and skywatching – it’s like you’re in a bowl. There are trees all around but there’s a 360 degree view of the sky. We’ve been taking walks in the evening, and last night the moon was a gorgeous crescent shining through a veil of clouds. The back patio is lovely in the morning. I’ve seen dragonflies, a gecko, and the stealthy kitties who live here (mostly Dixie – it’s her patio and I can tell she isn’t super thrilled about sharing it just yet…Tucket has pretty much decided we’re suspect and hasn’t been around too much, though he does enjoy lounging under the BMW – good taste!). And this morning, a beautiful blue and black butterfly landed on my hand! That’s never happened to me before! As I write, I’m watching an orange butterfly drinking from a puddle. A gorgeous daylily bloomed this morning. Backyards make me happy.
Sadie is a super chill senior pup (Lab-Pit mix) who likes to lie around and be with her people – even her temporary ones (us). She’s got an endearing crooked face, my favorite kind of floppy ears, and a brindle coat. She’s a sweetheart and has become my little buddy. Pups are the best. Makes me miss Sylvie…
So as we get settled into our new lifestyle, I’m leaning into relaxation and rejuvenation. Yoga. Cooking. Blog updating. Watering the plants. Petting Sadie. Good stuff. These are the moments of our lives that we don’t always pause to appreciate. I’m grateful to have the time to stop and pay attention and enjoy. Pretty good summer vacation so far! 

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