Daily Journal and the Star Rating System

Hello friends! Well, we’ve been traveling a whole lot, and NOT posting a whole lot. My New Year’s resolution isn’t panning out too well. I can’t even seem to keep up with the daily list of restaurants we’ve been to (so we can remember where we’ve been!). Over-30 moments abound as we try (and fail) to recall where we got that great cup of coffee…

The other day I had a brainstorm: what if I added a Daily Journal feature to the calendar (found under the Now, Where Are They Again tab at the top)? That way we could keep a running list of the places we’ve been, things we’ve seen, and (most importantly for us foodies), what we’ve eaten. And I’m totally counting them as posts. So far so good – I’m three for three days of posting. Wish me luck!

You can see the Daily Journal listings from either the monthly or the list calendar view.

We’re listing where we are (or where we drove), sightseeing stops (with websites), restaurants (with websites), and where we’re staying. Photos hopefully coming soon – Jim uploaded 1000 pictures that cover 2019 so far.

As a side note, a couple of months ago we made up a star rating system for restaurants we’ve visited. Here it is, for reference (since I note our ratings in each daily journal).

5 Stars = Best Ever, No Contest (e.g., Antico Pizza in Atlanta – the Midtown one)

4 Stars = Would go out of our way to eat there again

3 Stars = Very solid

2 Stars = It’s Not For Everyone (or, well, we guess SOME people might like it…just not for us)

1 Star = Waste of time and money

0 Stars = Totally unacceptable