Living With A Lion

It’s hard to appreciate the sheer size of the Maine Coon cats we’re caring for in Madison, Wisconsin. They remind us of lynxes or bobcats (in Chester’s case, a lion). Their paws are gigantic, their noggins and ears are huge, their fur is long, and their tails are extra long. They have their own special language, and Chester (the one who’s not currently hiding in an undisclosed location) is super friendly and sweet. Just imagine the biggest cat you’ve ever seen, then add to the size. Hopefully this picture of Chester behind me will give a sense of perspective. They are blowing us away! 
Fall in Wisconsin is beautiful. The leaves are turning and the sky is clear. We went for a walk yesterday morning – it was a crisp 30 degrees. We bundled ourselves up and felt like real Wisconsin natives, until we walked past a guy unloading his truck to start work – who was wearing just a t-shirt and cargo pants. And he didn’t look cold.
I’m still looking out for some squeaky cheese curds so Jim can experience this unique Wisconsin treat. (I worked with a bride from Wisconsin a couple of years ago who insisted on having them at the reception – the caterer came through!) The ones we got at the store aren’t quite right. Maybe at one of the farmer’s markets…
We are loving exploring a new area of the U.S.!