Back In The Northeast

Well, here it is almost officially fall, and we are back up in the Northeast. Queens, to be exact (for this week!). We’re staying in a circa 1917 townhouse in the Jamaica/Woodhaven neighborhood with two rather large male kitties, Mr. Ripples and Gus, who rule the roost. It’s working out great because Jim is leaning in to his Spanish and it’s giving him great opportunities to practice. Plus there are tons of great bakeries and Hispanic food, which we love. We’re back to walking twice a day, which feels great and is helpful for counteracting the aforementioned pastries. 🙂

Some of our readers have been waiting to hear about the Subaru. Great news – it was right there waiting for us in Stamford when we returned on Monday night – with all of our stuff. We were pretty relieved! It started right up and besides a little dust, seems no worse for its 5 week “vacation.”

Our next project is reviewing our five boxes and deciding what to vote off the island. Jim was so happy to see his chef’s knife. He decided that is his number one most important kitchen tool, and he was really missing it over the summer. I pulled two really random things out right away: the bathmat (amazing how no one has bathmats! maybe I’m just weird…) and my stepstool for the kitchen cabinets (hello, I’m petite!). We’re interested to see what else we find that either we really need, or really don’t need.

I’m super excited to be back at school this weekend! During August I thought the summer was dragging, but September flew by and here it is, time to start up again. I know I’m going to blink and it’s going to be June and I’ll be graduating. Exciting times! I can’t wait to see all my friends, and get started creating ceremonies and rituals. Oh, and get some pastries at Maison Kayser. MMMMMM

Wish me luck on the subway this weekend!