Working on a Work Routine

That’s Dixie. One of our charges this sit. She works all night just in time to nap all day. It’s a hard life, just ask her. She has an important lesson for us all if she can muster herself to bother to explain it. Nope, there she goes out the door.

Daria and I have been in Savannah off and on for about 2 weeks. I’m finding all the traveling really takes the hours out of the work week. Not putting in enough work will, of course, bring this rambling band to a screeching halt. Between getting out of the Stamford apartment and the travel, August has been pretty lean.

Thankfully, late last week and all of this week have been heads-down with no interruptions, and I’ve been able to focus on my clients. 

One of the owners of the house here in Savannah happens to be bouncing through for a couple of days. She and her husband are one year veterans of the house sit (22 sits!). Yep, we’re sitting their house while they sit another house! She’s been so open and sharing of her experiences; such a great resource for Daria and me. And that’s something we’ve also noticed – this house-sitting thing is its own community.

And, it’s growing fast.