The Atlanta Quickie and Back in Stamford

And here we are at the end of the journey to Atlanta via Raleigh and Harpers Ferry and then back again to Stamford. My car delivered safely, but with a bit of road grime and no chance to give it some TLC.

Just a couple days in Atlanta already had us back in Atlanta-traffic mode. I think almost everyone agrees that Atlanta driving is bad. My pet notion is that so many people moved into the area over the past three decades; all these driving styles from all parts of the US and abroad are jammed onto the same roads. Add to that, you can’t get anywhere without a car. Well, something had to give and that was people’s patience and cordiality.

In New York, there’s the five-point-turn instead of going around the block. In Atlanta, everyone’s a roadrunner and you’re the coyote.

It was awesome to see Mimi (Daria’s mom) and get a THIRD birthday cake. I’m of the firm belief that there’s no finer breakfast than birthday cake and coffee. Grey and I (who I’ve known for longer than any non-relation – we may as well be brothers) stopped in at a local watering hole to catch up – and picked-up the conversation exactly where we left off: past girls; stupid things we’ve done; present pressing matters; and, future possibilities. With a heavy dash of philosophizing.

It really was a whirlwind, and we’ll be back in a couple weeks on the way to Savannah.