Steady as she goes!

By now many of our friends and family know the (current) new path Daria and I have set out on. We have about 5 more weeks in our Stamford apartment and then we’ll be officially homeless. Traveling with as much house-sitting as we can book. Supplemented with AirBnB where we need to fill in the schedule.

House-sitting has, by itself, been a windfall. A huge thank you is owed to Linda for the idea. She, Mimi, Daria and I were standing around the kitchen discussing the broad outlines of a plan for Daria and I to enact our fantasies of a gypsy life. Part of that plan was to spend most of our travel time in AirBnB. When Linda mentioned house-sitting, it was at once a “eureka!” as well as a “holy $&#% why didn’t we think of that?” moment.

How is this possible

Good question. We’re still reconciling that ourselves. It’s just the two of us, and our current work is virtually all remote or seasonal. I’d like to say this is the result of careful planning and grand ambitions. But frankly, much of it is happenstance with a strong dose of Daria and I working to simplify our lives. A little over 2 years ago, something flipped, and we started getting rid of stuff with the goal of letting go of the house.

I say “something flipped”, but that something is we came to common ground that we have an opportunity and desire to see more places, and meet more people along the way. A restlessness took hold. Satiating that restlessness became more important than the normality and security of a fixed street address.

It’s not for everyone

Where will this lead? Who knows… Our thirty year old selves would have thought this was nuts. Our sixty year old selves, if we’re fortunate to make it that far, may look back at this as the craziest part of our lives. For sure our seventeen year old selves would have been annoyed at the inconvenience of it all.

Let’s see where the road goes.